Since 1960, ABACO, Inc. has been supplying personal
protective equipment and freezer-wear to the refrigerated products and
food processing industries in the U.S. and abroad.

We gained a lot of knowledge about these industries. We also
experienced brands of products (that we distributed) "going to China",
their quality dropping while their prices continued to rise.

So in 2002 we hired industry professionals and bought top of line
equipment to manufacture world class, insulated work clothing (in the
U.S.A.) for our customers. PolarWear was born !

Immediately, our customers appreciated PolarWear's extra insulation,
warmth and better quality components. Later, PolarWear's most
experienced customers appreciated our garment's "service life", being
able to withstand years of repeated wash cycles, especially when using
commercial laundry services.

We consider it "good business" to supply you with ONE jacket today (that
lasts a long time) so we can devote production, to make another customer
happy (instead of selling you a replacement jacket tomorrow).

We hope you appreciate our philosophy and try PolarWear garment.

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